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98 kat rebuild

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  • 98 kat rebuild

    I let my friend that doesn't have much expirience on a bike ride mine that had no insurace on it and he hit a mail box head on. He's all right but the bike isn't.I am the in process of rebuiling it and i almost have all the parts but the head light assembly.My qeustion to you guys is where would i find that at? I have been checking ebay alot and no luck also OEM is not able to let me access my bike, which is a 98 kat 600. If anyone can help please let me know.


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    where can i find a headlight asembly for my kat besides ebay and OEM


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      send member Special K an email, he should have anything you need. and keep checking ebay, i see the headlight assemblies on there from time to time..

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          I got a great headlight assembly from Special K. It ws for a pre 98, but it was in great shape and much cheaper than ebay. I'd go with Special K, he should have one for you.