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Aftermarket Headlights, pre-97

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  • Aftermarket Headlights, pre-97

    Any suggestions on where I can find some of those super-bright blueish headlights for my 88 Kat? Also, what else is needed to install these type of lights? Is it as easy as replacing a bulb, or is there a housing of some kind that is needed as well?

    Thanks for any light to be shed on the subject....

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    Pick up some Cyber-white bulbs or similiar from Wal-mart. They are H-4 type.

    That is what I use. Quite a bit brighter, not mods necessary.

    If you go with a much higher than stock wattage (not what I have listed above), there are potential issues with the wiring needing upgrades.

    PIAA makes some really nice ones, but they cost a bit more too.
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      Everything you want to know:

      CyberPoet's Motorcycle Lighting Upgrades & Technology at

      Or the short answer:
      Go to your local auto parts store and locate a set of Sylvania SuperWhites H4's which draw 55/60w but put out a supposed +40 watt light rating (i.e. - they shine like 95/100 watters). Sell the second one or keep it as a spare, since they normally come in pairs.

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