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My GPS Mount

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  • My GPS Mount

    Sweet Lou had asked where I got my GPS mount. It is a peice of Alum. that is shaped and angled to fit around the key switch. I bead blasted it and added velcro to hold the unit down. The plate it mounted to the bottom of the top tree (I used the two bolts that are seen in the picture, they are long enough.). I also put a quick disconnect on the unit so that it runs off the battery of the kat.

    As far as the memory on top speed, I was busted by my wife when she saw 141 mph on it. Got to remember to clear that out when the wife or officers are around.
    Rain or Shine, Onward I ride..........

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    BUSTED!!!!! Thats cool, so did you fabricate the mount yourself?
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      GPS Mount

      Yes, I did it here at work, the joys of working nights. By the way lou, where did you get that animation of the kid on the drums? I think that is one of the funniest things I have seen
      Rain or Shine, Onward I ride..........