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    i was thinking of switching wheels on my 88 katana 600 because i have come to decide that i rather do not like the 6 spoke style on it. plus the ones i have are very oxidized. i have come to like the 3 spoke style of the 89-97 models. when doing the research within the forums i became rather confused. the facts i have found is that the rear is a direct swap without any problems, however with the rear the rotors will not work. this is where i am lead to confussion. the way i am reading is that if i use the say 1990 front wheel with its oem rims they will correctly line up with the stock 88 calipers? or would it be necessary to replace the calipers along with the rest. if worse comes to worse i am just going to polish the stocks. but that would be the worst since they dont have that flow. thanks for the clearing up. i apologize for starting a new post for an already highly covered topic i just didnt want to be rude and hijack someone else's post.


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    I am not sure but I think that you can take the 89 rims and put on there. You might have to use the front and rear rotors for that year. Other than that there shouldn't be a problem. I would have to look that up to be 100% sure.