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  • Wheels and tires

    Is it really that hard to mount and balance motorcycle tires and wheels...I'm sure someone has done this..I've watched a few videos somebody give me some input

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    Can be, but, if you have good quality tire tools, it makes it easier. Tire spoons suck ass, but are a cheap alternative to a tire mounter. Get yourself some tire bead lube.
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      I considered taking them to a bike shop...guy told me $90 for front and rear hoops mount and balance he has the machine to mount and balance


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        It takes muscles, plus if you're an amateur, you have to re-learn it every season or 2. Plenty of how-to youtube videos. You can even do your car tires!!!
        Last summer it took me 1.5 hours to do my front wheel, Woh… saw I put the tire on backwards, so I had to do it over!!!
        But that only took half an hour, because I had just re-learned how to do it.
        Get a bead breaker on ebay for less than $100, that's a must have.
        We have a local tire shop that will recycle any tire for $5.
        If you're well funded and building a DIY shop, buy a powered tire changer.
        I got one of these:
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          That's a good looking bead breaker...I'll probably take them to the shop $90 ain't too bad