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Sprocket setup 99 600, more pep

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  • OwnedInTheDome
    started a topic Sprocket setup 99 600, more pep

    Sprocket setup 99 600, more pep

    Hey how's it going guys, I own a 99 katana 600 and have to get the chain and sprockets replaced. I was thinking about adding some teeth to the rear sprocket so I could get a little more pep in lower rpms (I believe this is a way to go about doing this). I am not sure how many teeth I should add. I'm not using this for racing, just a bit more power in lower rpms. I was thinking maybe 2 teeth? Thanks for the input.

  • 92xjunker
    replied yes, larger sprocket would yield more grunt less speed. 50 would be my limit though. ride around 1 gear lower at speed. that would be a 50 tooth.
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