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  • 16 inch tires

    Hello, I'm new to this forum, I recently bought 88 Kat 1100 & needs tires ASAP.
    I red other people's posts & most of people liked michiln PR2,3,4 Yes, I had them on a light weight bike(600cc)and they are great tires however, current bike runs 16 inch so I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions? or good experiences for 16 inch tires?

    Battlax T45 has 16 inch tires, are they any good? I don't mind paying extra money for safety(good grip)

    thanks for your input!!

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    16" tires are few and far between these days. They are still made bias ply and radials. I do not believe the PR series are Available in 16". Give me a few to find some. *** just for reference on brands *** Some have converted to the 17" wheels, where there are many more tire choices available.
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      Something to look in to is a 17" conversion.

      I've got a 1995 Katana 750 that's B12 swapped that I'm putting a post Katana 17" rim on. (straight spoke)

      I'm not 100% sure about an 88,1100 cat but its an easy swap for me. It will also give you the chance to inspect your axle components and replace your wheel bearings.

      I'm running a Shinko stealth 160/60/zf17
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        I converted mine to 17" specifically so I could run PR4s.
        I have heard several people mention those battle-ax T45 though, seems like the general consensus was positive.
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          nice, 17" are much better ride as well as a lot of tire choices but I am keeping the original for insurance purpose(cheap insurance for the collector plate) so I ended up purchasing Pirelli sport demon due to higher speed rating.


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            Mine is listed as a stock Katana under my insurance $15 a month.

            Modifications don't really matter unless your using full coverage.

            From what I understand, technically your supposed to submit to the bmv when you increase the displace in a vehicle as you might fall into a different tax bracket.

            I have zero desire to register my swap, nor the desire to deal with the red tape that would come with it.
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            Big Bore B12 swapped madness