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Gearing a 750 for maximum highway MPG.

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  • Gearing a 750 for maximum highway MPG.

    I want to gear as high as I can for highway commuting. What size front and rear sprockets should I use?

    Can I get 45 to 50 MPG?

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    You should be around that low number already...
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      Originally posted by Holocene View Post
      I want to gear as high as I can for highway commuting. What size front and rear sprockets should I use?

      Can I get 45 to 50 MPG?
      I would expect close that normally with stock gearing. You could gear it so lower the rpms some and probably hyper-mile out even better mpg. The concerns would be going too far will mean not enough power to maintain speed, and that would actually cause you to use more throttle to keep highway speeds and thus... lower the mpg.

      I would think your probably looking at say 15/40 as being the max range for changing the sprocket. I would stick with a 15 tooth front simply for wear concerns, and adjust the rear sprocket to get the gearing you want.

      Other things to consider for better mpg... Good spark, tuned carbs, no air/vacuum leaks.

      That breaks down to ...
      • Quality spark plugs.
      • Good condition plug wires.
      • Minimal 11.5v going to the coils (check your wiring does not have issues)
      • Check all rubber/plastic to hard parts for air/vacuum leaks. Issues include carb caps not being smooth and sealing well, air box boots not being sealed well to the air box, o-rings on the engine boots having flattened out, so on.
      • Use correct gas... Higher than regular actually decreases performance and MPG on a properly tuned Kat.
      • Jet kit... I know that doesn't sound right, but a jet kit isn't about making the bike use more gas... it's about properly tuning the bike to use the correct a/f mix through all rpms, getting you the most power. Better power = less gas use over all for a properly tuned bike.
      • Factory type paper air filter. High flow will cause issues.
      • Good oil, with proper upkeep.
      • Good air pressure on the tires.
      • Properly maintained and lubed drive chain.

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        On my 600 I've gone down to a 41t rear.
        With jetkit/5ˇ°advance/good tune I get ~48 mpg steady highway for the entire tank (200+miles). I imagine a 750 would have less issues regarding low gearing/needing more throttle. We've got a member who has tuned A/F ratio and gearing to maximize mpg, claimed in the 50+ mpg range. Believe he's on a 750, member name truput.

        * I prefer 43t rear, 41 is perfect for making the odometer accurate, but you definitely loose some low end oomph
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          I checked my 750 twice last year and was above 50 both times. My gearing is stock.
          2006 750


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            With stock gearing my 750 manages 45 or so, with a mixture of highway and twisty riding.
            2005 Katana 750