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Got my post wheel delivered today!!! 95 750

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  • Got my post wheel delivered today!!! 95 750

    Well i got my post wheel in.... i lucked out and got a wheel that had the sprocket and rotor on it and actually to my surprise a tire that might have a few hundred miles on it.... Im exstatic when the weather clears up a bit im gonna strap it on and see how it does handling wise... Since mine had a 160 tire on the 3.5 rim and was horrible....

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    Check the tire date code.....Milage has minimal effect until worn out.
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      Just checked it.... Its a 2015 tire contimotion looks damn near new i think it will be fine......


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        Sounds groovy!

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          Nice find, got lucky with usable rubber!
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            Yea i really got lycky i need a ba k tire so i figured i woulg go ahead for the upgrade so basically instead of putting a new tire on the 3.5 for 180 or so bucks i got a the whole setup with tire for 90 lol good day for a poor man!!!!