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92 katana chai and sprocket replacement

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  • 92 katana chai and sprocket replacement

    I have a 92 katana 600 F and im trying to find a good tutorial or things to watch out for guide. Can anyone provide tips and how-to for a non-mechanical person?
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    D.I.D, RK or EK X or O ring chain. JT sprockets (14 tooth front 45/47rear) is a good bet. I always run steal sprockets.... Well, I used to, now I have an aluminum and steal custom sprocket.
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      If you replace the chain yourself, you'll need several tools. Something to break the old chain (angle grinder, bolt cutter, hack saw, really doesn't matter), a chain riveting tool (no substitutes, it's a specialty tool, you can get one at cycle gear for $20-30) and some wrenches. Assuming you have the tools:

      Put the bike in 1st gear (you'll see why soon)

      Remove the front sprocket cover, there's 5 or 6 Allen bolts that hold it in. They are different lengths, keep track of which came from where.

      Remove the bolt holding the front sprocket on. It's a bitch. Leaving the motor in gear instead of neutral helps. Also, jam something (wood plank, metal pipe, etc) in between the spokes of the rear rim And the swingarm so that when you turn the wrench on the front sprocket bolt, if the engine turns over, the wheel can't turn.

      Remove the chain. Toss it.

      If you're replacing the rear sprocket, pull the rear wheel and do that now. The bolts have lock tight on them I believe. If they're being stubborn, heat gun/hair drier on high for a few mins will soften up the lock tite.

      Reinstall rear wheel.

      Install new front sprocket - can't torque it down yet.

      Install chain using chain rivet tool - there will likely be YouTube videos showing how to use your specific one.

      Tighten chain to spec, while it's on the side stand and not the centerstand.

      Torque the front sprocket nut, again with the rear wheel braced.

      Reinstall the sprocket cover.

      Might need to adjust the clutch down at the cover after that, sometimes I find it needs it other times it's fine.

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