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Need suggestions on sprocket setup on an 88 kat600

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  • Need suggestions on sprocket setup on an 88 kat600

    Hello all, I'm currently building a stunt bike with my 88 Kat, and I can't seem to find a good front/rear sprocket set up for more torque to bring the front end up, also would like to know if there's a good clutch kit that I can use when replacing my clutch to save my 2nd gear hahaha any help is much appreciated! Please post links to find the sprockets and good clutch kits, thank you!

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    First off. WAY WRONG BIKE for stunting. Too damn heavy and too low on power, weak fork seals, oil pickup is in the front of the engine so, wheelies will starve the engine of oil. In order to get a kat in the stunt wheelie range, you'd need a huge sprocket. 14/50+ custom rear sprocket. Clutch won't save second gear issues, under cut gears and a shift kit would.
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      Kats are very bad stunting bikes. Heavy as hell with a long when base and crappy oem suspension. + Oil pickup in a terrible spot for doing wheelies.

      If 2 nd gear is going, it's the shift fork. Replacing the clutch won't do anything to help that. Shift kit can help prevent it from getting too much worse, but won't fix it.

      If you're hell bent on it: upgrade the suspension with good fork springs. Change the motor to a 750, 1100 or b12.
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