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Tire suggestions... Enduro anyone?

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  • Tire suggestions... Enduro anyone?


    One of the winter projects will be tires for my pre 600 Kat. It currently has ancient, bald 160/60 conti on it. It currently stinks to ride.

    I am seeing references to 150 being widest pre rear without switching wheel to post.

    Does 150 matter over 140 stock? Or is it more for looks? Expecting 140 to weigh less and turn easier? Same question for 160 upgrade.

    Also, considering running an 80/20 enduro tire for some limited gravel road travel, and also for better traveling on typically poor roads in my area. Does this idea have any merit? Only reference I have is a buddy with an enduro that claimed he rode harder on gravel covered streets with knobbies on, not sure if it translates to light enduro tires.

    Not too concerned with looks, it is a hacked up naked Kat in flat black...

    Only experience I had w/ tires was some Bridgestone dual compound back in the day on a 650 cruiser. Really liked them, but don't even know if they are made anymore or in sizes to fit Kat.
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    just found this...

    if correct, it answers at least a couple questions.

    Here is another one...

    Appears to be correct, basic takeaway is that wider tires allow softer compounds to last longer, though not any grippier. Knobby or enduro would wear faster in the same way, as knobs would have the same pressure on a smaller surface area.
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