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Problem after tire change

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  • Problem after tire change

    I've ran into a little problem after my front tire change on my 2002 katana. When I go to install it again the wheel is shifter to the left slightly and the left brake caliper won't fit back on. I'm not sure what I've got wrong:/

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    Bearings in good shape?

    All the spacers in place and properly oriented?


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      I believe so. when i look at the bike head on the spacer is on the right side correct? anything i should be looking for in the bearing to indicate a problem?

      It also is the axle that is the 12mm hex head
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        Not much should go wrong with the front. If the wheel is fitted for the correct rotation and the spacer positioned in the right place and in the correct orientation, all should be good. Bearings don't usually just fail, unless they were already cheap after-market crap. Check they are seated and rotation freely and smoothly.


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          the spacer goes on the inside of the fork. if it's on the outside the wheel won't align correctly
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            Things that can make front wheel/front brake alignments go wonky. Make sure the spacer is correct, as people have mentioned.

            Is the axle all the way in and tightened? If not, the lower fork tube can rotate, making the caliper seem like it won't go on.

            The caliper floats on alignment pins, and if you've squeezed the brake lever at all when not mounted with the rotor between it, then the pistons can be too far out for the rotor to fit between the pads. Just press them back in.


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              If you are in front of the bike, facing it, the spacer would be on your left. The speedo assembly is on the right.



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                Post 98 Kats have no speedo gear in the front, it is another spacer.

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                  Both of those diagrams arnt the axle I have though. Mine is the axle with a 12mm Allen head on one end and the other end screws into the fork. Is that from a earlier year than mine? The previous owner might have switched it, I'm not sure. I have one spacer with mine also.


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                    That axle is from later models.

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