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Chain Purchasing?

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    Two things you Don't skimp on, chains and tires. Buy the best you can get, it will last much longer and be safer. Steel sprocket are always my choice.
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      I have a front and rear JT steel sprocket with an EK 530 MVXZ X-ring chain and they have worked extremely well. As 92xjunker says, you really don't want to go with the cheapest option on chains.

      I had a bad quality chain before and the fucker actually fell off when I did a hard break before a corner. Made me fall and slide.

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        Originally posted by DayWalkerSC400 View Post
        I think I am going to go with this one:

        sprockets are steel and the chain is JT. Thoughts?
        Thats the exact combo I use on my bike. Good Chain and sprockets. I also usually go every other chain between switching sprockets. A lot of my mileage is highway commuting but I also work for Nola Motorsports so my bike does see some track time as well.