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Which New Chain and sprokets-1991 katana 1100

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  • Which New Chain and sprokets-1991 katana 1100

    I am wanting to replace my chain and sprockets on my bike. I have 20k miles on the bike and the chain has seized links and is stretched. I replaced the chain a couple years ago and I didn't maintain it too well so it's wasted. It also keeps stretching soon after I tighten it and makes a terrible noise from the front sprocket. So I'm afraid it may break soon. I am on a tight budget and probably will be posting it for sale soon but want to keep it safe for the next owner. If I decide to change the sprockets, which ones would be recommended and has anyone changed the sizes to get a little more acceleration out of first gear? please help asap!
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    GSXFJim here on this forum makes sprockets. He can help you out.
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      +1 use a high quality chain, EK,RK or DID o-ring or x-ring
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