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highway speeds, gearing

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    Wow...some people shouldn't be aloud to have bikes.

    As for the breaking at higher rpms on the freeway...unless you're running while your oil level is at half or less constantly, and don't take care of your bike, it'll be fine. These bikes, as most i-4 ricers, are meant to be riden at higher rpms...they love it. You just have to take care to make sure you keep up on your maintenance at shorter they tend to wear down a little faster when you ride harder.'re correct. I also lost about 3 miles to my full tank range, but that is not a big deal to i don't let my tank get below a 1/4 anyway...would rather have the roll on, and take off torque. I'm not hard on her (lol) anyway. She's my only ride, take real good care of her.
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