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ok last one I promise

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  • ok last one I promise

    yes it's another tire question. I found a place locally that will order and mount/balance the continentals for $250. if I bought them elsewhere and paid for mounting/balancing it would be about the same so I'm prolly going to go with the local guy.

    so my question is if I change the front from 120/80/17 to 120/70/17 wich rear should I get? I've only seen 150/70/17 or 160/60/17. wich one will match the front best?

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    to start with your front stock size should be 120/70/17.

    150/70/17 is stock for the rear. I am runing a 160/60/17 on the rear of my bike and a 120/60/17 on the front. I have not had any problems with either of them..

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      well that's what I get for not looking for myself. the tire fitment guide says gsxf 98-99 takes 120/80/17 on the front. but I just went and looked and mine is 120/70/17. thanks for clearing that up.