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  • best tire prices

    after my ride thru some twisties yesterday I definitely am getting rid of the macadams. I'm thinking of going with the continental road attack. who has the best prices and are there any sites that offer discounts to KR members?

    next question is what is the average price of mounting/balancing?

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    Didn't you already start a thread like this?

    I paid $35 per wheel to mount and balance. I took the wheels to dealer. If I took the entire bike in it would have been $65 each.


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      woops sorry. I guess my old age is catching up with me.


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        one more thing- the factory front is 120/80/17. most fronts I've found are 120/70/17. will these work without rubbing anything? I like the idea of going a little wider. also can I go with 150/60/17 in the rear?


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          Hey Bob yep you can go with a 120/70 on the front and the 150/60 or you can even go with a 160/60 on the rear but no bigger. Check out, If you need help taking the wheels off we can do that here at my house and take and have them put on. It is cheaper that way b/c no dealership is going to cut you a deal on tires they may on the balancing. Give me a shout later.


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            I found out this weekend that I have a 180 on the rear... came with the bike when I bought it, so you could definitely fit a 160 on with ease. I like the look of the fat back just don't get as much lean. Thanks to BLACK_PETER for pointing that out. Next tire I will probably get a 170.
            1999 Black Katana GSX-600F


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     has great prices on all tires that Ive seen.