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Old vs new Z6s

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  • Old vs new Z6s

    Here's my Z6s I just replaced before the Rally with, you guess it another set of Z6s . This is my third set if tires on the Kat, the original Macs and two set's of Metzeler Z6s.

    The tires have roughly 16,000kms or 10,000miles on them. Far too much straightline highway miles since I have a commute of 70kms (40 miles) that I try to break it up by getting off the main highway (QEW) and hitting the service roads for the last 1/3 of my ride to work. But in the end they still had a lot of straightline riding on them .

    I originally went with the Z6s because of thier "sport Touring" tag in regards to high mileage and wet weather grip. I have to say they have not dissappointed in either area. Thier handling in the rain has been with out complaint, even at 140km/h ( 85mph) in a downpour they are solid in the straights. In the wet twisties they held without problem goofing off on the service roads. At the Gap the new tires performed flawlessly when being a hooligan.

    I ran the tires mostly at the "stock" recomendation of 33/36 then I upped it after realizing I was a fat bastard and running them too low to 35/38ish. Also they are the stock sizes 120/70-17 150/70-17

    The pic is fairly big so you should beable to see the wear on them, I choose to swap both tires for the rally. The front IMHO looks to be good for at least 2 or 3 thousand more Kms. The rear on the other hand was hitting the wear bars and I didn't want to ride down there

    I bought the tires from Ronayers and had them shipped to a US mailbox just across the Niagara Falls Border. In the end they cost me $5 US for the PO box, $261 cdn + $19.00 tax at the border for the tires, I had them mounted and balanced in Welland by a member of the Beaverdam race forum for $15 cdn. So for roughly $300 cdn or $250US I got myself new shoes for the Kat.

    Although I understand the arguement for buying locally these same tires go for $450 cdn ($370US) a set plus taxes and mounting at the bike shops. So to be Honest I will not be buying Tires locally unless they have one hell of a Sale.

    (Pic is 260K)

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    nice, well riden, what is that I see? chicken strips LOL
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      Wahddya mean "wore out" ? I don't see any cord yet ....
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