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  • Chain length?


    I've been digging, but must have missed it. I have a 98 Kat 600 w/ the stock 15/47 steel sprockets and 530 chain. So my plans are to change to 15/50 alum sprockets and a 520 chain. Question is, how many links do I need the chain to have?

    Thanks, Rob

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    i believe 118

    #530 Sealed O-Ring chain
    (RK 50MF0Z1), 118 Links

    sorry that is stock. noticed you are going to 520 15/50
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      Quick reference from stock sized chain... for every tooth you loose, drop one link... for every tooth you gain... add one link. Always order even number sized links, round down if your count is an odd number.

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        I just changed my sprockets to 15/50 too. I ordered a 130 length chain, and i cut it down to 125 links, but it is still way too long. I think it should be about 4 extra links added, so you should have a chain length of 122. I did have a Question though. Are you supposed to push the wheel all the way forward to judge the length of the chain? I know there are marking by the rear tire, and i wasn't sure if it should be pushed to the first mark(all the way forward) or if you start somewhere else.
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          14/50 on my pre was around 120 links. I bought a 122 and I *think* we cut out 3 links.
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