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New tires, sprockets and chain

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  • New tires, sprockets and chain

    It was slight pain but now that I have all that done the bike feels and handles awsome.

    The Z6's are really nice I have put about 400 miles on them so far. I love the feel.

    The chain was binding up and cluncking so that's why I changed it but I think it must have been having other negative effects because the performance has improved.

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    It's amazing how a new chain makes the bike feel so smooth eh?
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      Yes very smooth. I'm gonna have to watch it or I might get in trouble now that it feels so good.


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        crazy, huh? i just had 2 new tires and rk chain and sprocket set done. it does not feel like the same bike


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          nothing like new rubber to liven a bike up. but add a new set of sprockets and chain with new tires and you got perfect smooth handling. just thinking about that makes me smile.


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            Heh... I have all that jazz PLUS an ignition advance to put in here in 2 weeks... CAN, NOT, WAIT!

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