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Chain adjuster bent.. and then..

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  • Chain adjuster bent.. and then..

    Gees, wtf! im leaving my house this morning and then POP, the chain comes off the rear sprocket, i roll the bike back to the house and i can see the chain adjuster is bent like its about to be pulled inside the swing arm, the chain is twisted around the swing arm, and who knows what else kinda damage. I had to hurry and jump in the truck, i was late to work but Ill take photos when i get home tonight, SOB! I hope i have enough gas money to drive the truck till i get this fixed, GRRR Anyone else have this happen?

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    Not so bad that the chain's popped off , but yeah .
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      yep, I ended up making a stronger set after I sucked one into the swing arm grabbin a hard second gear.
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        Do a search for Bandit adjusters, they've been adapted to work with the Kat swingarms to prevent this. Also make sure your axle nut to torqued down properly too when you fix your bike.

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          Damn, that sucks, Good luck. Like Trackerrrr said, try to look into some Bandit adjusters. They're better, and better looking than the Kats. I'm searching for a pair too. Hope the damage isnt too bad bro.

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            I've got the much strong bandit end-caps here for you if you want 'em. If you didn't damage your swingarm's ends, they'll work to keep it from ever happening again.

            Reason it happened: Adjuster wasn't tight, plate wasn't flush, and/or rear axle wasn't to spec on the nut's torque. Any time you loosen the adjuster nuts, push the wheel forward with your leg to make sure both sides are tight...

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              I just recently took my wheels off for the first time to have new tires mounted. When I put the rear wheel on, I was kind of dismayed at how those adjuster end caps just pulled away from the end of the swingarm. To compensate for this, I loosened each side by two turns and used my leg to push the wheel forward as Cyberpoet said. Holding the wheel there with my leg, I tightened the axle nut just enough to keep the wheel there with a little pressure. Then I adjusted the wheel back to get the proper chain tension, after which I fully torqued the axle nut. That way, all of the chain adjustment helped keep tension on the adjuster plates in the correct direction.

              It's similar to the way that people tune guitars by always making sure the final adjustments to the string tighten it, rather than losen it.


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                Here are the pics of the damage, I havent been on the board lately, been trying to make a dollar selling chevys

                Hey Cyber do you still have those end caps? and does the swing arm look okay, i havent even touched it since it happend but ive gotta get this back on the road. Ive been driving my dodge ram to work, $60 bucks in gas every 3 days!!! grrr

                Ive never removed or adjusted the rear wheel. Sadly i know better now, i should have checked it out when i bought the bike to make sure everything was good and snug. Im finding some items on the bike were neglected, like the cables breaking and so forth. Still havent messed with the carbs to figure out the half throttle issue but now ive got to replace the chain and tentioner.


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                  I just stole some Bandit adjusters off ebay for $27 shipped.
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                    Originally posted by HemiKat View Post
                    I just stole some Bandit adjusters off ebay for $27 shipped.
                    That's $4 - $5 less than I get for them new (including delivery via priority mail)...
                    good deal

                    stinger - check your PM's.

                    Originally posted by Stinger02 View Post
                    Hey Cyber do you still have those end caps? and does the swing arm look okay?
                    Swingarm actually looks better than I imagined... You need to clean & wax it well when you get the adjusters out to keep the (now-unpainted) metal from rusting.

                    I still have the end-caps, but you're going to need the actual internals as well, since your bolt is @#$%.

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                      Thanks part received!