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    So, as many of you know I had to plug my tire yesterday on my gixxer. So should i buy a new tire or just keep riding it. If I keep riding it I dont want to have to hold back...

    Your suggestions here VVVVVVVVVVVV
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    You'll hear different answers from different people.

    To each their own... but depending on where that plug is in the tread pattern tire... think long and hard about it.

    Mushroom plugs are apparently good options?

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      You already got something in the tire? That sucks hardcore man...

      Personally, I would stop riding until I could buy a new tire. Plugs spook me.
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        As I said in my other post, I had to put two plugs in a new Pilot Power on a ride to get it home. The plugs were in the center of the tread down in one of the sipings. I rode that tire til it hit the wear bars. Rode it two-up, solo, fast, slow, Deal's Gap, straight roads. What I am getting at is....I rode the tire like nothing was wrong and it did not fail. Could it have? Sure. But it didn't.

        Now, my bike weighs 500 pounds. Yours isn't that heavy. Advantage.

        Where is the hole? Side of the tire? Replace. Center of the tread? Up to you. You CAN take it to a shop and have them professionally patch it from the inside. It's a reasonably safe process if you can find a shop that will still do it. Many have stopped for liability reasons.

        Lotsa people will say without thinking, "Replace it. I wouldn't ride on a plugged tire." I am one that has ridden a plugged tire and didn''t die.

        Never ever plug a front tire. Period. Do not continue to ride a plugged tire that has been plugged in an emergency if the plug is near the sidewall. Localized heat build up can cause a failure.

        Bright have a near new tire to burnout if you decide to replace it!


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          My 2 cents.... Ive had to replace fairly new car tires because of sidewall damage and it sucks. If its a newer tire, take it to a tire store and see if they can either patch it from the inside, or put a mushroom plug in it. They may not do this because of safety issue, but its worth a try. I would never use a rope plug, just dont trust them. If the tires is old and on its way out I'd replace it. Spending $150 on a tire and then spending $150 more for the same thing isnt fun.

          I highly doubt you will have a blowout, now going flat is an issue but youll notice it before it becomes a major issue, but then you standed.
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            it is not directly in the center but off to the right side. I did an emergency plug on the side of the road. I think just for peace of mind i am going to replace it...

            I think it will be worth at least that much. Only about 180 for a new tire
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              Hmm an with an emergency plug i'd ride it home (slowly) then get it properly sorted or changed, with a pro fitted mushroom type plug in the acceptable area of the tyre you wont have problems so just carry on as normal

              As always the choice is yours
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                i got me some rope plugs and a tire inflator that fits under my seat so i don't have to push the bike home unless things go real bad
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                  if you're not strapped for cash ya might as well change it.

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                    I'd say change it before any more iron butt trips. How much is the tail light going to set you back?
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                      Originally posted by HemiKat View Post
                      Spending $150 on a tire and then spending $150 more for the same thing isnt fun.
                      Neither is buying a new bike while paying hospital bills haha


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                        depends on your luck!

                        Its all a roll of the dice. I just hope your not throwin 7s!!
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                          I have trust/worry issues anyway . If the unfortunate happens , I WILL ride on a plugged or even Slimed tire (and have) until my replacement arrives , but I take it easy . But I DO get a new tire , and pawn off the old one on someone else who doesn't mind for a couple bucks
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                            new tire is on the way. New tail light from ebay is 50 bucks. The zuki dealer wanted 170
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                            I'm already in a club but we have Bombers, Fighters and Big Friggin Guns!!!


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                              yeah i would of changed it too!!!! plugs are supposed to be temporary use only ....