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Pre 98 600 Tire Choices???

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  • Pre 98 600 Tire Choices???

    Ok now I've been reading for countless hours now thread about what tires to go with. I have also read the arguements about sizing. I have read the motorcycle anchor.coms' pages about tires as well. It seems to me that everyone loves the metzler Z6. The size I have one the bike now is 110/70/17 front and 150/70/17 rear. From what I Have read it seems that I need to stick with the same size in the rear and move up to a 120 in the front??? Also is it really worth it to purchase a post 98 rear rim to move up to a 160 in the rear?? And if so would a 160 in the rear hit the "top" that connects the rear caliber to the swing arm??

    Now my ?s refering to tire makes. Everyone likes the Z6's. Front what I have read they seem like a very nice all around sport touring tire. Wich is better the first gen z6's or is it worth spending the extra cash to get the new Z6 Interact tires?? The only downfall I see is (Beside the price increase) that the Interacts do not come in a 150/70/17.

    If I were going purchase a post 98 rear wheel and was going to go with a 160/70/17 or 160/60/17 would I want the Interacts or would I want to go with the Dunlop Qualifiers that everyone seems to rant and rave about.

    Now I know riding style has a lot to deal with this delema. I love riding twisties but due to the junk tires that are on it I have not tried to lean bike down very hard. (In fear of the rear wheel slipping out) So if I had tires that I could be confident in I think that I would ride a little harder. I do not ride them every day, but I would like a tire that could perform under both "Sport" like conditions and highway. I know it's only a kat and not a gxsr or r6 but I love how confortable the bike is and the fact that I can actually touch the ground.

    Thank you in advance to everyone who responds. I have found everyone very helpful in the past.
    Will Lemke (OOMPA)

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    There is absolutely no need to do the post rim swap and go wider. That is more of a personal preference thing. A 150 in the rear will do you better than a 160 for handling anyway. The Z6 and the Qualifiers are both good tires, but don't forget about the Continentals, they are also a great tire for the money as well. I'd also do the 120 front just for the ease of finding the tire set I want.

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      Just purchased the z6's 150/70/17 and for what ever reason Cycle Gear did not list a 120/70/17 only a 120/60/17. So I got the 110/70/17. I took a online price print out to Crossroads and they matched it. So since cycle gear won't match online prices (and I already have an account through them) I took crossroads print out to Cycle Gear and they beat the price. Purchased both for $250.
      Will Lemke (OOMPA)