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a good place to buy tires?

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  • a good place to buy tires?

    so im looking to get a new rear tire. im going to go with the 160/60/r17 but i wanted to go with a full sport tire vs. the sport touring. anyways my question is where in your experiance can i find the best priced tires and what in your opinion would be the best tire to go with for the all out sport tire (ive hurd alot of good stuff about the sport attacks) but what are your views. thanks again in advance guys

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    i got my shinkos raven 009's from pinwall get people to order from they have alot of tires on ebay but if you goto there store on ebay they have there phone number listed i just called and had my new tires within 3 days i think 160/60-17 120/60-17 and i think i only paid 165 shipped.


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      denniskirk all the way!

      i really like ordering from, i've always had great service from them. however, i shop for everything i buy, and call in my order to make them "beat it by a buck"!

      when i bought my attack sports about a month ago, i believe denniskirk was having a sale where their price on the rear tire was cheaper than everybody else, and had the cheapest price on the front. i made denniskirk beat that price by the buck, and got my tires three days later! great service, great price. The total with shipping came out to $238, but can't remember what the price breakdown front/rear was. hope that helps!