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  • 1st Flat

    Well, I'm sad to say I had my first flat tire today, I drove down 75 about a half an hour to Richmond to help a friend move, the weather was prefect today and there was no need for another car/truck so I drove the bike down. We stopped the convoy at a gas station on the way back and I noticed I was a little low so I drop my quarter in the air machine and no air... there was a hole in the hose. So what do you do... I probably made the wrong choice but I drove to the next station up the road (1/2 mile the tire held until the last 100 yards), and then wouldn't you know their air was broken , by the time I got to station 3 (across the street) when I put air in I noticed a hole in the side wall. A good friend came down from Lexington with his trailer and brought me home. 8) Now, here is the kicker, I put a new rear tire on the bike last week (Metzeler Z6) and now I'm down until I get my next one in the mail. (1 week?) So with the knowledge that I probably caused the sidewall damage while driving and I haven't had time to check the tire to see what caused the initial leak I thought that this could be a good time to learn about other people's experiances with their first flat. Maybe I'll feel better finding out that mine isn't that bad... I made it home, the bike is fine, etc. not really that bad other than waiting for the next tire and the wasted $. So now the questions:

    1. What should I have done differently
    2. Is there any way to carry air with you in case you go low and don't have a way to get some (for example the gas stations suck!)
    3. What happened to you, got a good story?

    Thanks for listening to my story, I feel better already!

    93' 750, I just washed the bugs off, let's go for a ride!

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    There are a number of ways to carry air for your bike with you:
    (A) some bicycle-style pumps are very small, small enough to fit under the seat or into the space above the toolkit in the tail section. Yes, they will take a lot of effort to pump a tire up, but it beats running on a low or empty tire. Of you can carry a somewhat longer one strapped to the frame rail of a 98+ under the rear fairing.
    (B) a number of firms make CO2 cartridge-based tire filling systems. You can find these in virtually any mail order catalog (esp those for dirt bike riders) as well as in virtually any bicycle store (common thing for serious bicyclists to carry, especially racers). Know that it's going to take more than a single cartridge to fill up a Kat's back tire. If you get one of these, look for the type that can take both threaded and unthreaded CO2 refills.

    If you get a nail/screw, a tire puncture kit (which you wisely put into your toolkit before leaving) can get you the rest of the way once installed. But if you get sidewall damages of any sort, or a longer gash in the carcass, give up there and then and call for a tow. There is no good way of dealing with a gash other than replacing the tire; riding on it when it's low can easily lead to both an accident (since low pressures compromise handling and a tire carcass wrapping around the rear axle can instantly stop a bike) and damages to the rim (not cheap to get sorted -- new rim time, possibly new axle and bearings as well if the wheel wasn't straight at the time).

    The biggest tip I have is to carry some cash under the seat... Enough to pay for a tow and a new tire no matter where you are. That cash can also double as emergency funds for gas purchases when you forget your wallet at home, unexpected tolls, and even tickets in places where you see-the-judge-now/pay-now-or-go-to-jail-for-x-days (although such places are getting rarer around the USA).

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      Thanks Cyberpoet, I took the wheels of today, I found a nail in the rear, it was in the tread about an 1 inch from the right sidewall and it looks like the nail spiked through to the sidewall as the tire got flat, two holes 1 nail. Hopefully I'll get the replacement tire by Wednesday. Later KYKatowner
      93' 750, I just washed the bugs off, let's go for a ride!


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        I work at Circuit City one day at a week and this week I managed to get a flat tire. I'm still not sure what caused it, but right now it's sitting in the car installation bay until my Pirelli Diablo Stradas come in. When that happens, I'll call Progressive to have them tow it since they'll pay for the towing and the tire mounting as well (at least for the back, flat tire). I checked my tire pressure about a week ago and it was fine. I only found one questionable area that may have been a puncture, but it was hard to tell. I was due for a better set of tires anyway. I just hope I don't miss my ride this weekend!


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          Let me know what you find. I'm still waiting for my tire from American Motorcycle Tire to ship. I guess I'm a little lucky, ever since I got the flat the weather has been rainy
          93' 750, I just washed the bugs off, let's go for a ride!


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            Update, well I just the tracking number for my tire and it says it will be here on the 18th So I guess the bike will sit there on the center stand waiting.
            93' 750, I just washed the bugs off, let's go for a ride!


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              I have the Pirelli Diablo Stratas, which I purchased from American Motorcycle Tire online. I absolutely love them.

              midgetsex: You have Progressive fitting part of the bill for your flat tire? I have them also, and i'm wondering if this is a normal thing to ask of your insurance company.

              Considering i'm already getting raped for around $600 a year for full coverage on my Kat... I certainly wouldnt want to give them any reason to increase my premiums.

              Insurance companies are shady... they all keep track of how many claims you make and have central database for them. You can obtain a copy of your CLUE report at various online sites.
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