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My own tire thread...

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  • My own tire thread...

    I decided that I didn't want to hijack the other thread any further as I already did so here's my own thread. The other thread I am referring is

    Here's my concern is that my '98 kat currently has 170/60 tire on it where stock ones is 150/70 as I recently discovered.
    I have yet to determine if this bike has been modified to accodmate this tire. I brought this bike in December and have been riding it ever since and didn't feel or see any problems.

    So, I'd like some help in determing what has been done to the bike? Somebody in that other thread said to measure the width. I will have to do that. Is there anything else I should look for. I need new tires for my bike in awhile. So I am doing my homework I defintely want something that lasts long.

    Thanks KRs!
    '98 Suzuki GSX600 Katana

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    Really easy way to tell is to look on the wheel itself, the size should be stamped on it. (4.5")
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      Originally posted by scottynoface View Post
      Really easy way to tell is to look on the wheel itself, the size should be stamped on it. (4.5")

      Should be sprocket side of the wheel, on one of the spokes. Format of J17XMTX.XX DOT. The X.XX part will be the rim size.

      Your recomended size for the Post 98 Kat is 150/70 or 160/60 for the continentals. The current tire you stated you have is 1 size larger. If they offered a 170/50, this would work, but they don't in conti. The tire you have now will work for basic riding, but hard use It's not going to perform as well. I would recomend changing back to the 160/60 for better handling and performance from the tire when you replace it.

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        Sweetness, that helped. I went out and looked at the wheel. It indeed is 4.5 inches. I will downsize so I will have a safer tire. I know that it won't be long before I start doing more turns
        Anything else I should be aware of?
        I will keep looking into tires. I hope to get new ones soon. And get that over with.

        I have a question, how do we know if certain tires will fit a wheel? I'm kinda unsure about this.
        '98 Suzuki GSX600 Katana


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          well, I have had the conti 170/60/17 on my bike now for about 300 miles. I had the 160/60/17 tire on it. The 4.5 is the minimum rim size for the 170/60. I have been able to lean the bike over just as far with the 170/60 as I did with the 160/60, The only thing I noticed is that since it is a taller tire, the bike is a little slower on take off. I did a lot of searching and measuring before I got the 170/60. Plenty of room in the swing arm and didnt rub even when I scraped the pegs.. I think it comes down to perferance.
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