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Pirelli Diablo Strada's Not so great!

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  • Pirelli Diablo Strada's Not so great!

    I've had the strada on for about 2,000 miles and i felt it slide twice today in some curves. That's not a good thing. I've never had a tire slide on me in any curve I've been in since I've had the kat. I know alot of you guys like the strada, but for a hard rider like myself, I'd say it's not the best out there. I'm not bashing, just a warning.

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    What did you ride before them?


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      I've ridden Avon Viper Sports and Avon Storms ST's, and they've never slid. And I've had those all the way to the edge!


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        Yea, idk whats on my bike now, but i feel like i slide in corners some times. thats why im buying new ones.
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          How hard are you guys riding? I did a track day on mine and had no issues.

          Watch tire pressure are you running? and have you set up your suspension?


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            I've got the Stradas on my daytona and have had no issues at all. Possibly sand or oil on the road ?
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              I have never had issues with my strada's..ever.
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                I'm gonna page my tire guru , the guy who's the reason I stick with the Stradas ......
                BTW , here's some pics to keep you entertained whilst I rouse him .....

                Also , tires don't stick as well with a couple thou on 'em as they do fresh . They DO age . Yeah , the Strada ain't a DOT race tire or anything , but unless you do something stupid ,you can't really fault the tire here .
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                  Well, i agree, at first the tires stuck well. i dragged my knees and hit the edges a couple times. They may be good mileage tires, but for hard curves and hard riding, i wouldn't trust them. No oil in the road that i could see, nor was there sand. and i run them at 40 psi.


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                    40 psi would be a damn good reason to slide them. Avons use higher pressures, but not Pirelli unless you are two up or touring.

                    I have used Stradas at a track weekend on my SV 650, without a slide. I am an advanced rider. Use them on my Aprilia as the ONLY tire I run on it, and I don't exactly ride timid like.

                    Run what you like and what makes you feel comfortable. That's the best recommendation I can ever make to anyone, but don't run high pressures in a tire and then b!tch about the tire when they slide on ya. 40psi will never allow them to heat up properly. A "hard rider like yourself" should know that. For shame.....

                    Nope, they don't stick at all..... Kiddies, don't try this at home....

                    Yeah, that's a big, heavy, sport touring bike. I ride it like a stole it. On Stradas. Without drama....

                    What the h3ll... Just for grins, here is my son, at 16 years old, on the SV 650. You guessed it.... On Stradas....

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                      I think I ran my Stradas around 34 front/38 rear. I'm no knee dragger, but too much psi and it felt a little too slick for me... too little and I felt like I should've just stayed home - couldn't do anything right. By too much or too little, I mean 3 - 5 lbs in either direction.
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                        Count me as another who never had a problem with the Stradas and grip, and I've had them on two bikes. I hate the way they wear, but other than that, no problems.
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                          Never had any issues with the Stradas, and I always pushed them real hard on the Kat. Most likely, you need to adjust the pressure - I ran them over 15K without lose of confidence. I ran 37 psi in front and 39 psi on the rear - for my 195 lb arse. Try lowering the pressure a few psi until you find that "ideal" range.
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                            I'm enjoying mine with noe issues. But then i do ride like a girl
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                            BTW, I think they may have been correct. It does appear that BLACK is indeed the FASTEST color. R.O.R...R.I.P.M

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                              I'm 6'10" 300LBS I ride my bike like I stole it 150+mph and hard braking I ride edege to edege ... what size are you running cause I noticed that the 150 rear that I used to have felt like I was sliding just cause I had ran out of tire ... I was going through turns on my sidewalls .... when I changed to the stradas and changed tired size to 160 in the rear it all went away .. I rune 40PSI only cause I'm a big guy and I make my tired beg for mercy .... I'm not sure if this helps you but I LOVE MY STRADAS !
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