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Tire prices Dealer Vs the Net?

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  • Tire prices Dealer Vs the Net?

    Since the time has arrived for me to get new rubber again, Much to the wifes anger lol. I am about to start pricing tires again this season.

    Now up here In Canada a lot of bike related Items are Highly marked up, especially tires it seems. I was wondering how is it for you US riders when it comes to the local dealers?

    I'll post this years prices when I start calling around but last year a set of Z6s for a 03 Kat was running about $400-450 Cdn plus mounting. That's about $331.23-364.39 US for a set of tires.

    So how do US dealers compare pricewise? Are they even close to internet prices?

    Oh and since she was already pissed off, I also told her I needed Sprockets, a new chain, Spark plugs and a new helmet . I figure I wasn't gonna get laid anyway so I might as wel hit her with everything at once .

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    "So how do US dealers compare pricewise? Are they even close to internet prices? "
    Not even close .
    I am a fluffy lil cuddly lovable bunny , dammit !

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      dealer(s) wanted $35+ more
      Thanks to KR, everytime I look at my bike, my wallet screams "NOOOOOOOoooooo"


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        Set of Stradas ($192.-
        Dealer Setup (mounted and balanced)........................ $70.-
        Feeling like Rossi, on my good old Kat................... Priceless


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          yea man americanmototire or something is the place to go pretty good selection and AWESOME price


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            yeah thats not a bad place.
            Katana 750 2002


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              I recently had to buy a battery for my kat.

              Dealer- $80
              Local battery store- $25

              Think of the profit margin they must have on those things!
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                One of our local dealers is actually pretty good as far as prices go. Any of the tires they carry or can get are like 50% off MSRP. But when you throw in the dealer mounting and balancing it adds up. I think when I got my Dunlops earlier this year, the total bill was less than $200 which from what I can tell was a decent deal. It was cheaper than the prices that I found on the internet for the tires alone.


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                  They wanted $129 to mount a set of tires at the two US dealers I asked.

                  I ended up buying my tires from Ronayers, driving over to a US address to pick them up and paid $19 in tax at the border and for $15 (cdn) a local guy mounted and balanced them.

                  The highest dealer I've seen in Canada was $99 cdn to mount a set of tires.