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Any tire suggestions for 90 katana 600

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  • Any tire suggestions for 90 katana 600

    Im wanting to get a new set of tires. I have a set of Metzlers that the previous owner put on and he loved to drive in a straight line. Somehow over the weekend ride a turn signal bracket snapped and bare wires melted some of the tire. its still in decent shape but it looks like I did a burn out with the bike leaned over. anyways Im still a newbie 9bout 2 to 3 months worth) rider so I want a good grip tire that will feel "confident" on the road so I dont bail out on turns. Not that I do but my currnet tires feel sluggish and I have to slow way down in turns. Deos anyone have any suggestions?
    My firends seem to love their Diablos or dunlop 208s but I didnt see them in my size (110/80/17 and 140/80/17). Let me know what your opinions are.

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    I would sggest the Metzlers Sportec M1 I had a set put on my bike in april and loved the way they stuck to the rode. Gave the bike a compleley differnt feel, Much better. Not sure of the life expectancey due to a nail in the rear tire. I now have a diablo on the rear but due to rain since I put it on I don't know how good it is.

    You should be able to change sizes to 110/70/17 front, and 150/70/17 rear without a problem.

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      which Metzelers do you have now?

      A few things you need to consider to help with the recomendations.

      What do you want out of the tire?
      What type of riding do you do? 100% twisties, a lot of highway commuting in a straight line?

      I've got Metzelers Mz6s and love them, I've got 14500kms(9000miles) on my set right now. The back is due to be changed but the front looks great. I commute and have far to much straightling riding . But they hold up great in the corners rain or shine. The back isn't near the wear bars yet and the front looks barely worn.

      Oddly enough my Macadams were the opposite, the front wore out before the rear.


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        Ill be back home this weekend to see which Metzlers they are. Someone made a somment to me the other day about them said something like those are the old ______. Told me it was a sport touring.
        I would say i want a good balance tire. When i get my bike up here my drive to work is maybe 6 miles city driving. On the weekends we usualy do a mix of country roads with some so so twisties and then we also do some highways high speed stuff. Once I get which tires I have that will help out Im sure with your recommendations. I think I mainly want a faster turning tire, something that feels more confident in a turn because that seems to be my weak spot.


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          Actually does anyone know if I could fit a larger tire back there? Like a 150 instead of a 140? Let me know if anyone has or knows of anythign baout it


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            I have 1K miles on my Stradas, and I love them.



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              Keep me updated on those stradas. They are sounding like the best thing for me so far. I am going to fix me fork seals and change out my rear shock and then get the tires. any clue what the expected life is on them?


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                Since the tires are relatively new on the market, its kinda hard to find long-term reports. So far -based on some euro-forums- they should last some 8k to 10K miles, depending on your riding characteristics, road/wheater conditions, etc.
                The fact that they are "new" tires on the market, means that you are getting fresh rubber. Mine were made in February/05 and got them in April.


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                  KNOW THIS:

                  The Pirelli Diablo Stradas and the Metzeler Z6's are almost identical tires, are made at the same factory (Metzeler produces Pirelli's MC tires), I believe they share the same compound formulation, and do share almost identical tread & arc design...

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                    I just ordered my Metzeler Z6's and should have them on the Kat in about 1 and a half weeks.
                    Front: 120/60/17
                    Rear: 160/60/17
                    Same size as my Dunlop D208s. I just hope these last longer.
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