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    Today i desided to put my new tire on.
    dunlop 207 170/60/zr17

    After many searchs i read that a alot of people say a 170 doesn't fit proper on the 98+ kat (swing arm issues)?? and that it was bad for proformance

    The Tire went on great sits on rim perfect and has pleanty of clearence and proforms awesome.

    Just thought i would let everyone know because many people are looking for a wider tire
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    Looks good. I just recently found out taht I had a 170 on mine. I thought it was a 160.
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      AWESOME!! 170 for me it is then!!
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        Might want to check the born on date on that tire. They don't make 207s anymore, and haven't for a little while...

        Dunlop does state that a 208 170 can be mounted on a 4.5" rim. Most manufacturer's require at least a 5" rim.

        It's your bike, and if all you care about is looks, then congrats.


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          Wow, thats beastly lookin, nice job!


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            Looks? That tire is Alot better in corners then the one
            that was on it.
            The tire i had on it was still like new but seemed like the tire had a flat spot in the middle


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              oh yeah and i bought that tire last year for my cbr for $25 on ebay brand new


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                Originally posted by swinton1235
                oh yeah and i bought that tire last year for my cbr for $25 on ebay brand new
                Check the manufacture date. It'll be in an oval stamped on the sidewall. Also, take it easy for a while until you are certain that it will stick. Even if it was brand new, the tire is actually old and who knows where it was stored. If it's started to deteriorate, it will not get sticky and will actually slip very easily...


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                  thanks bro will look


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                    I had a 160 on my rear wheel and went up to a 170 after blowing it out doing a burn-out a my clubs party. But it fits good and rides great. I am sticking with that.
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                      So the 170 does fit the 98+ katana's rear wheel?
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