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Best place to buy new sprockets and chain for 94 Kat 600

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  • Best place to buy new sprockets and chain for 94 Kat 600

    Ok crazy question here. I am looking to buy a new set of sprockets and a chain for my project 94 katana 600. I found a website yesterday afternoon that sells the colored anodized rear sprocket and chain kit, but in a rush to get to work i didnt save the website to my fav's and can not for the life of me remember the name of the store. anyone got any ideas where i can find them at? I beleive my stock set up is a 15/47 and I am actually looking to go -1/+2 on the bike, but would like the anodized rear sprocket. Also, what size and length of chain would I need for this? Thanks guys...
    Update on the project bike: carb rebuild should be completed by mid-week, then its a valve adjustment and off with the front forks for new seals and oil and FINALLY the bike will make it to the paint shop. Should be in paint for around 2 weeks. Due to the graphics i am going with and a few other things i want to do to it. Hopefully by the time it is completed I will have made my 50 posts, so I can sweep up KOM for possibly june or july (hehehehe.....poke,poke, hint, hint.....prolly of 2006 at the rate it is going......lmaorof)

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    ok to start ya off, JT makes a -1 +2 set up, if you wanted you could send tem to me and i could get it powder coated, or you can keep lookg for it, i think the brand that has the colored sprockets is Vortex, ah and i have the -1+2 and tis a BIG step up from the normal setup, i only rode the bike2 times this year and it pulls instantly, no more getting up to speed then go it just GOES!!!! and good luck with the bike take some pics!!!


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      Oh I have plenty of pics, just waiting to finish up the roll so I can have them developed and then I'll post em.


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        develope.......SOMEONE GET THIS GUY A DIGITAL CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol


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          yada, yada..........laugh it up duffy.......lmao...I actually have two digital cameras.smartypants......Just my Nikon 35mm takes better pictures than my digitals do.