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Problem installing 98+ wheels to pre98

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  • Problem installing 98+ wheels to pre98

    I got the rear wheel on without a problem. The front wheel is on, but the spokes rub against the back of the left caliper. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how did you fix it? Btw, the spacers both seem to be the same width, so I don't think that is the problem.

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    You should use the 98+ wheel and brake rotor only, the rest of the parts (spacers, caliper/bracket, cush) should all be from your original 1995 parts.

    If you used all of the above listed parts, you may have swapped the left and right spacers when you put it back together. The larger spacers should go on the right side (as you sit on the bike).


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      I used the '95 spacer on the right side and no spacer on the left because that's the speedo side. I think I may take a dremel to the wheel and cut out small divots. It seems that the spokes alone are not rubbing, but rather the raised letters and numbers on the spokes.


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        OK, I'm an idiot, I was thinking rear not front. PM meanstrk, I believe he install both front and rear 98+ rims on his pre 98 and should have all the details


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            When I swaped my wheels for pre 98 wheels I used all the origional brake parts and used the hub and spacers for the pre 98 wheels