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    Originally posted by steves View Post
    I'm not sure what damage you could do to a sprocket while learning, but I'm one of the ones who would say to replace it as a set.
    none at all.....but if you leave the road, smack a tree, and total the only lost the $ money you put in the chain, not the whole set.

    in other words, put as little as possible into your bike, as a new rider, until you are sure you can ride it without wrecking it.
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      Always the optimist Mike

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        it's all y'alls fault. don't remember all the discussions on the subject? at least 5 years "you WILL dump it if you are a new rider...just a question of when".

        you guys wore me down...and I was drawn to the darkside.
        I don't have a short temper. I just have a quick reaction to bullshit.


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          Wow, lots of knowledge in this thread. I wasn't sure how to go about cleaning the chain, but I think I'm going to get that grunge brush and then just use the spray can my mechanic suggested. Any other recommendations to make this a thorough job, but still very quick and easy?


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            AFAM sprockets and D.I.D chain you got a 25-30,000 mile chain if cared for .


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              good stuff

              as a new rider (and new to woking on motorcycles) i found this post to be very informative. thank you.


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                so on the same subject on chains. ive got a 93 750 kat. i just cleaned my chain with wd-40 to get a lot of grime off, then cprayed liquid wrench chain lube, but after reading im almost certain thats wrong, i also noticed i have about a 2 inch deflection of the chain the back tire is adjusted all the way back. is it time for a new chain? there doesnt appear to be any unusual wear.
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