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Different Tread Patterns a BIG deal?

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  • Different Tread Patterns a BIG deal?

    I was wondering, since my wife seemed to pick up a nail recently, if we tried a cheaper (Tomahawk: Goodness, I hope we like these) tire it would effect the bike beyond enjoyment of riding...

    I do know that RAIN riding with two different tread patterns is a def. no no. But, if she only rides in dry conditions how much will it matter that the treads aren't the same?

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    If I were you I'd go with a good set like the Conti's or Z6's. Saying that, I don't think it will make much of a difference on dry roads but you could be out and get stuck in the rain and then the bike might be all over the road. So I have to ask, say something were to happen to your wife because of two different tires.....she's worth more to you than the price of a set of tires, no?
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      The $ difference between a poor tire and a decent one isn't justifiable to me. But if you can find a bargain tire that has good qualities, then OK. The tread pattern should ideally match, though...
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        I wish you guys coulda answered a little earlier...

        Oh Well, I went ahead and bought a Dunlop 208 front, to go with the stock Dunlop 207 Rear... Just rode home on it and it seemed pretty decent to me....

        One thing though,
        I had to move up in profile from a 120/65 to a 120/70.... (Maybe I won't lowside it again, now that I have more rubber on the front...)

        I read on the Kawi forum that alot of riders did the same and have had no problems so I'm not concerned about the taller tire being on the bike..

        Thanks for your input and concern..... I'm probably going to get the rear 208 later this year, They're not too shabby from what I've read..

        I guess I'll try the Tomahawks on the R1... We'll see.

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