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01Kat: PHYSICALLY largest tire?

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  • 01Kat: PHYSICALLY largest tire?

    From a clearance standpoint- how much tire can I run in the factory swing arm without hitting arm/frame or chain?

    Thanks- but NOT interested in hub/wheel swap info.

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    Without swapping your rim you should only go one size wider due to sidewall deflection and reshaping of the tread on your tire. If your bike came with a 150 from the factory, you can safely step it up to a 160 tire but no wider. I have seen people on here put a 180 tire on the stock rim but it is NOT SAFE to do that. The sidewalls are pulled too far in to fit onto the skinny rim and changes the arc shape of your tread contact patch. If you want a fat tire on your Kat, the ONLY SAFE WAY is to swap in a widened swingarm and a wider rear wheel.

    Think about it like this... The shape of your tread is kinda like the round bottom of an egg. Nice and smooth to help you lean into those curves. If you slap a fat tire on a skinny rim with short sidewalls, your tread turns into the other end of the egg with a very pointed center that will not transition smoothly into a curve when you lean.



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