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check my chain length math, please

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  • check my chain length math, please

    I converted to a 520 chain, since I'm using the Katana engine in a GS550 frame. I have 15/45 sprockets. The conversion kit came with a 116 link chain, which would have been fine on a stock bike. I'm a few links short.

    I used this chart:

    I have 28" from center if output shaft to the center of the axle, if the axle was in the middle of its adjustment range. The chart tells me 122 links, and subtract 2 links for the 15T sprocket (vs. the 17T the chart is based on).

    I can find 120 chains, but if I'm even one link short, I'm screwed. To get the tensile strength I need, I have to go up to 130 or 150 links and the price goes up noticeably. You think the 120 will work? Or should I just get the 130 to be on the safe side?

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    520 chain is 5/8" roller to roller. Take the chain you have, measure how short you are. Divide by 5/8 = number of links more you need. Remember that you need even numbers of links all told.

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