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    Hi everyone Im new here. This is my first post here but ive been doing lots of reading since i happened uppon this forum (i did my reading before at KP)Anyway iwas hoping someone could answer me a question please I need to remove front tire to get fender off for fresh paint so i want a new tire put on do ineed to remove the rotors(brake disks) before i bring it to a shop for a tire or will they do it as is did a search but didnt find it sorry if this is a dumb question Thanks Bill...
    Im not a carburetor guru.

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    No question is a dumb question.
    Welcome to the site!!
    If I remember correctly I was able to leave the rotor on when getting new shoes for the Kat.

    Make sure you check your rims out before you take them in. The tire guy at Iron Pony scratched my rims.


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      leave the rotors on they need to be on when they balance the tire


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        +1. Leave them on for sure. You will prolly have to remo a caliper or two to get the wheel out though. ***If you do, remember to pump the brakes after you put the wheel back in before riding. If you don't, you won't have any***

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          Originally posted by lucky6man
          leave the rotors on they need to be on when they balance the tire
          +2. No need to remove the rotors, and they should be in place for balancing when it's done.

          Before you do all this, call the shop and see if they quote you different prices for the wheel on the bike and the wheel already off the bike for tire mounting -- most will, but some won't, and if they don't, no sense in you laboring to get it off when they'll charge you to do it anyway.

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