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need new rear rotor and info on rear/front sprockets

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  • need new rear rotor and info on rear/front sprockets

    Where's the cheapest place to get a rear brake rotor? It turns out my rear pads are bad and are eating on the rotor now. I'm also looking into changing the sprockets after i get some maintenance work done. I searched, but did not find a rear sprocket with more than 45 teeth i believe, and i think stock sprocket size for my pre98 750 is 14/47 (??). i was told i should go to 14/49 for better low end response w/o sacrificing much top end...

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    Cheapest place to get a brake rotor is going to be either from "Special K" or from eBay.

    Sprockets - 14/49 is going to to give it more pep but you will lose a touch off the top end. This is something that I would like to do myself. I can live with a couple of extra RPM's on the highway to get more out of the gears/speeds I use most often.
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      theres a seller on ebay called sledpartsguy that alsways sells a sprocket and chain set for the 88-97 kats. its got a starting bid of 89.99 and buy it now for 99.99 6.50 to ship.


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        Sprocket Specialist for any sprocket size other than stock and check with Special K.
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