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Looking to change fork oil

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  • Looking to change fork oil

    Ive read to add oil to the forks, I need to screw the caps off the top of the forks. Where the suspension adjustments sit (1,2,3) How do I unscrew this cap?

    Any techniques that will work?

    Also, what type and weight of oil do u use?


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    you don't add folk oil you need to change you need the info or do have/getting a shop manual?i may be different than everyone else i use 5w20 motor oil and change it every two years.If you think you need oil than you might have to change your seals too.


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      well i intend to change the fork oil, i know how to do that, just dont know how to add oil once ive changed it

      I do have a shop manual and it tells me how to change it, but it isnt very precise on how to remove the caps...thanks


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        loosen the caps before you loosen anything else then remove forks with in hand slowly remove caps. remove springs washers etc and turn forks upside down let drain, after time pump forlks upside down(i add alittle fresh and drain again)add oil to proper hight with them compresed and no springs.


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          That is a good question, how do you get those adjustment cabs off of the forks?


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            There is a boxed end wrench in stock tool kit that fits or another large wrench. you have to losen the upper triple tree clamp or they won't come loose. The size is 22mm, be carefull or take preasure off the frontend to avoid the caps blasting off into your face.
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              i did not have to lossen anything to undue my fork caps but maybe your forks sit lower than mine making it bind in triple tree.there is not alot of tork on the bolts if i remember did you try it yet.


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                well ill be doing it within the next couple weeks, just getting a heads up of what im getting myself into...thanks for your help


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                  I just did mine, I used the Axel box wrench from my old Honda (the Kat didn't have a tool kit)
                  This "nut" is quite shallow so use care, the box wrench from the tool kit is designed for this I bet.
                  It has very little radius on the edges.
                  Luckily it shouldn't be too tight.
                  For measureing fork oil?
                  I bought a baby bottle.. LOL


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                    Originally posted by Black_peter
                    For measureing fork oil?
                    Always go by oil level height, not by volume. You'll never get truly equal amounts of oil in the fork tubes measuring the oil in a baby bottle. Innovative though!

                    Go to your local hardware store and buy a brass toilet float arm tube. Then, make a setup like this for measuring the oil height.