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Stuck rear pad pins 02 Kat

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  • Stuck rear pad pins 02 Kat

    Had a look for a solution here but amusingly when these pins that retain the rear pads are mentioned people talk of them 'falling' out. Couldn't be further from the truth for what I've got. One pin is stuck stupidly tight, had a selection of chemicals on it for a few hours and still won't budge at all even with mole grips. Anyone found a good way of removing these, don't really want to resort to the internets' suggestion of drilling through the calliper body from the other side to tap it out if I can avoid it?

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    I've drilled the pins from the side before so I could insert a rod, and then twist them. once you can twist them it helps to loosen up the gunk that is holding them in place. Once loose, pulling them out was easier.

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      Thanks, I resorted to trying this but first hole was too small and the thin rod was too thin to take the strain and just bent, as I made the hole bigger the same thing happened until the hole was too big and the pin split at the sides as there was more hole than pin left!

      Resorted to splitting and overhauling the caliper in the end as I found parts I'd bought to do this years ago in my spares box Once the outside half was off and the pads off I had enough pin left to get real secure purchase on with the mole grips and it reluctantly came out. There was some corrosion of sorts building up behind the dust seals too so clearly needed doing anyway.

      When putting it all back I put as much copper grease as I could into the pin holes, I think as a matter of course I'll start removing the pads and pins regularly to stop this happening again though, or at the very least removing the sprint clip and rotating the pins. I'm sure it was only that stuck because the bike had sat for years.


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        Sorry to jump on your thread, but I'm having the exact same problem. I've split the caliper and cleaned everything as best as I can, but I can't get the pins out. I don't want to drill them if I can help it. I've sprayed them with WD40, then penetrating oil to soak for a while.