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Are front rotors swappable between pre and post?

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  • Are front rotors swappable between pre and post?

    Hello all. I'm actually swapping gsxr wheels onto my EFE while retaining the stock forks and swingarm. Part of the recipe as per the archived instructions on oldskoolsuzuki is that I need 89 and up floating rotors from a katana. I am wondering is the offset the same can I also use late model ones?

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    im not sure what size pre use but i can tell you that the fronts on post 98-02 are different size from post 03-06


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      90-02 front rotors all match up in spec. As mentioned, 03+ are different using a flat (no offset) rotor with a wider hub wheel.
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        thanks fellas. Here she is a week ago. I have the front wheel off now and the gsxr one going on. Then I'll be tackling the rear.


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          they wouldn't happen to be the same as bandit rotrs would they? No i see now. 310mm vs 290mm. well dammit anyway.
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