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Did the R6 shock mod on a Pre 600

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  • Did the R6 shock mod on a Pre 600

    Did the R6 mod, went easily. Made two bushings for the lower bolt, and it bolted right up with no difficulty. Seems to handle better, and feels more stable when 2up with my girl.

    Hadn't ridden it much, so can't say why it handles better, just that before it tended to bounce me as hard as the wheel hit obstacles, now it just soaks them up and slowly comes back to full height. Haven't messed with the adjustments at all, so could concievably get even better.

    Roads I ride on are not very good, so it is comforting to know that the shock will keep the tire planted better over the frequent large imperfections in the road. Between that and new tires, I can ride quite a bit harder over the same roads.

    Really want to do the front fork springs now, but waiting for moolah to do them.

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    I did the R6 conversion as well. It's such an awesome upgrade that's cheap.

    My 22 year old stock shock was well past needing replaced.

    I ordered my bushings on Amazon and then machined them at work for a precise fit

    I'm so much more confident in hard corners now, it doesn't feel like a moldy spong anymore.
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