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Fork oil level 03 kat600

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  • Fork oil level 03 kat600

    I'm having trouble with the search function. Possibly not cooperating with my phone. I just rebuilt the forks on an 03 Katana 600 for a friend and can't find the oil level or weight anywhere. I'd hate to buy a manual for a bike I don't own. Can anyone help? My guess would be 10w 4" down, but I would also rather not guess.

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    Quoted from this thread:

    Next, remove preload spacer washer, spring and emulator. Pour into the stanchion 513mL of the fork oil of your choice. Race Tech recommends 15W. Pump the fork several times to remove air trapped inside the fork. When pumping it will be easy to collapse the fork, yet difficult to extend the fork. This is the compression holes and rebound setting in use.

    After removing all the air, collapse the fork, measure on fork oil level gauge rod 4", then seat the ring onto the top of the stanchion and if there is excess oil, suck out the oil. If there is not enough oil, add some, then use the gauge to measure 4" of air space with the fork collapsed.
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      Thank you kindly