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R6 shock in a post?

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  • R6 shock in a post?

    I know that normally a R6 shock will not fit into a post because of the battery box and fender. My bike was a theft recovery that came to me in boxes, one of the things missing was the rear fender and battery box, I had to make my own battery box and do not have a fender under the seat, you take off the seat and literally see the tire. My question is will the R6 shock actually bolt into the bike. I will adapt my battery around it. Just want to make sure it ill fit before I order one.

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    You'll want the fender, too much under the seat you don't want dirt and water in. That being said. Sure....I have a pre and I did have to mod the box for clearance. Well, I didn't have too but, it was close enough to bug me. I'd find a post 750 shock if I had to do it over.
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      I understand your asking if it will bolt in.. yes it will... but. What are you trying to achieve?

      Let me clarify the question... because obviously your wanting to put a shock on the bike, but Why? and why specifically the R6 shock?

      What's the goal?

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        Just a little better shock than the old tired stock shock, with a very small budget to work with. Would much rather get the 750 and have tmod rebuild it,but its not in the budget at this time.