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Brake upgrade = fork slider swap??

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  • Brake upgrade = fork slider swap??

    Reading and reading.. head swimming with details.. totally confused.... so I'll just ask it outright.

    'Fraid I'm a bit stuck on a brake upgrade... Especially since
    I invested in some parts.

    Got a pair of calipers (thanks to incorrect info) that I'd still like to find a way of using.
    They're the 4 pot (staggared piston size) Nissins off a 1993 Suzuki GSXR600.

    (sorry about pic size, dunno how to make it smaller.

    They have the 90mm mount-bolt spacing.

    I also (stupidly) invested in EBC rotors in pre-kat size.
    Kinda stuck with both.

    So, rather than have adapter brackets fabricated, to mount the calipers to the pre-kat forks, retaining the stock size rotors..............
    I'd like to swap out the fork sliders for ones with the proper mount spacing for the above calipers, yet meant for the stock pre-kat rotor size.

    SO: Does anybody know of a donor bike which has fork sliders that would be appropriate?
    And accept the pre-kat guts??
    Preferably a direct swap, or minimal futzing..

    Thanks much in advance!

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    You can swap in the entire GSXR front end with USD forks or you can make brackets to match those to your kat fork lowers. That's what your calling sliders right?

    Those brakes were designed for the USD forks. I'm not aware of any non USD forks that would have anything near the same mounting for those brakes.

    Swapping lowers would add other problems as well anyways, as then you would have completely different axle slot holes, possible spacing issues, and definitely different mounting options for fenders and cross bracing.

    If it was me... the most cost effective and simplest option would be brackets to retrofit. The best looking option (not any improvement in performance really) would be swap to USD front end.

    The stock Kat calipers are more than sufficient with proper brake pads fyi. Any degradation in performance is normally due to lack of upkeep or maintenance. For example, leaving the old rubber lines on after 4 years.

    If you really want performance, upgrade the stock suspension and brakes by having them rebuilt for you. Springs and emulators for the forks. Rebuild kit on the calipers, use stainless brake lines, and choose some really good performance brake pads, like carbone lorain HH pads.

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      +1, rebuild the kat calipers, get HH brake pads and SS brake lines. Super big improvement. You should be able to sell the parts you got and get the above items.
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      1992 Katana 1100
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