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PO lowered front end via strap...

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  • PO lowered front end via strap...

    New to me '94 has a strap bolted onto both sides of the forks, going over the triple-t, with tension applied to bring the front end down a little.

    What's the point of this? To stop wheelies? Change the pitch of the front end?

    Any reason why I shouldn't just remove the strap? Unfortunately I am unable to contact the PO to question him about it. You can see it here - orange strap, circled (lol) in blue.

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    They use those for drag racing, it compresses the front suspension. Why I am not sure as I am not a racer, but I will say it can be good for street riding and I myself would remove them.

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      I'd definitely remove asap
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        This is pretty close to the stupiest thing I've seen. Also are you sure it's a katana? Those look like RF plastics.

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          Yep, found out in another post its actually a RF. I'll just loosen it up for now. It seems to be a 'thing' though.


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            I believe they strap them for the drag strip do reduce air friction then remove them for the street/ride home...Just a guess
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              Definitely RF plastics. Even if it's the rf900 (drool) it's still a big fat heavy pig. Straps are for go fast go straight bikes. It helps keep the wheel down and I turn sacrifices maneuverability. Lol I don't think an rf could even get it up, much like a Katana. Take it off, flush the fork oil, hopefully they didnt fuck up th the springs.
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