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what to stretch my katana 600, can anyone help me?

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  • what to stretch my katana 600, can anyone help me?

    Need help

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    Are you sure you want to do that? There are more negatives about that than positives. Handling will suffer, need a stiffer shock, longer brake line, longer chain. May need swing arm bracing may need a chain guide, depending on how far you go....all for just looks..
    They do make extensions that will fit. Get the weld on pieces, much more stable.
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      Please don't stretch your kat. You are gunna make yourself look foolish to anyone who knows anything about motorcycles. Your kat doesn't have the HP to warrant a stretch so basically you're just gunna look like a poser. That aside, as mentioned above, it produces many negative effects. Have you ever ridden a stretched bike? It takes a square acre just to turn the damn things. Leave the stretching to the Super sport drag racers. It looks cool or whatever is SOME instances. imo it looks dumb as fuck on a Katana. But, if I can't talk you out if it, talk to million$, he's stretched a couple Kats.
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        Teddy did that for a while

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          Originally posted by milesteppa View Post
          Need help
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            Please dont...


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              You do you.
              If you're going to do it definitely go for the weld on extensions
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