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sprockets from 45 to 47

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  • sprockets from 45 to 47

    I kno the stock gearing on a rear pre98 600 is 45, while the 750 is a 47...are these sprockets interchangeable between the two platforms?
    or is the sprocket hub set up differently on the 600 from 750?


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    Yes pre98 600 and 750 sprockets are interchangeable. They bolt up to the hub the same way.
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      The only problems with parts interchangability are the 88 600 hubs, at least the fronts are different (brake discs won't interchange)... I think the rear sprocket bolts up a bit different too (although the rear disc could be a match).
      - Samuel

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        yea, its pretty strange how the 88's are different from the 89' to 97's...must have came up with some better ideas on how to do things, or make the parts interchangeable among other bikes?


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          Originally posted by floxera
          Yes pre98 600 and 750 sprockets are interchangeable. They bolt up to the hub the same way.
          Thanks Flox, was hoping to hear that


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            hey man im gonna have a stock 89 750 sprocket by the weekend, if you want it you can have it 5 bux plus shipping


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              sure how much will shipping run to 18642


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                this is helpful to i have a pre 750 and couldnt find a vortex 15t sproket for a 750 only a 600! but i figured they would interchange and knew this was the place to find out! i am going 14/45 btw!


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                  88 600 rears are 4 bolt for the rear sprocket.. 89 to date 600's and the 750's are the same 5 bolt pattern... all 86 to date gsxr's and 88 to date Kats share the same front sprocket.
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                    Go 15/47 and you'll be happier. BTW this thread is 7 years old.

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