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  • chain question

    i need to buy a chain and sprox im looking at geting a d.i.d chain but not sure wich one i should get , the 530 VM X-Ring Chain 120 link seems like the one i want , the rating says 1000cc though does this matter? or at
    also do the chains come with the master link in the box or do i need to buy that too .

    or am i spose to get a 520 chain rated at 750cc

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    You need a 530 chain , that's what comes stock . If you get a 520 , you'll need 520 srockets as well . They come with rivet type master links . So unless you have some tools or know some tricks , you'll need someone to put it on for you . Also , last time I changed my chain I needed a 118 . But if you get a 120 , you can always have links taken out . Easier to take out links than to add ! You can always count the links to be sure , though . Those choices BTW , seem just fine . Not much less than what I spent at a local dealer , though .
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      Just a personal preference but I always go for the strongest chain I can. That way, with proper care, it will last a good long time. I really like the DID VMX as it has a high psi rating. Just my .02 worth

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        If you're good to your chain (cleaning, lubing), then you might want to contact PowerSports... they had a decent replacement for my old chain on my previous Katana for about $86 (about 2 years ago), and that's a local purchase for you. I'm not saying it was the world's greatest chain, but it was OEM spec (RK O-ring) and lasted for over 15k miles.

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          I just replaced mine with a 15/48 sprocket and a 530 chain. The 520 is a ligher duty type chain and will not last the same amount of miles the 530 will.
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